About Us

The Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the validation, through certification, of a specialized body of knowledge for all professionals working in the field of vascular access.

Practice Settings

Certification through VACC is multidisciplinary in scope and includes the broad range of health care professionals and clinicians actively engaged in the practice of vascular access. Vascular Access Specialists provide care in many settings. Examples include but are not limited to acute care hospitals, outpatient settings, long term care facilities, homecare, Industry. Vascular Access Specialists are also university faculty, administrators or educators.

Candidates for certification include (but are not limited to):


Eligibility Criteria

    Radiology Technicians
    Respiratory Therapists
    Infection Preventionists
    EMS Professionals
Note: This certification is NOT intended for sales, marketing, or other non-clinical industry professionals.

If you are an industry professional interested in furthering your knowledge of Vascular Access, please click here to learn more about the Vascular Access Industry Partner™ Certificate Program.
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Mission Statement
The mission of the Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC) is to facilitate demonstration of cognitive competence through accredited certification in the specialty of vascular access.

The vascular access certification examination is the standardized measure of the basic knowledge, skills and abilities expected of professionals working in vascular access. The certification examination is offered two times per year at testing centers throughout the United States (to include US Territories), Canada, and select international sites. It may also be offered during the Association for Vascular Access Annual Scientific meeting for international attendees from outside the USA and Canada. The certification exam is available only in English and all references used to develop it are US based and reflective of US clinical practice.

Upon successful completion of the certification exam, the VA-BC™ credential is awarded for a three year period.