Steps to Prepare for the Exam

Candidates should prepare thoroughly prior to taking the VA-BC™ examination. VACC does not offer study materials for the VA-BC™ exam, but we do provide everything possible to help you walk into the testing center prepared to succeed.

  1. Download and fully review the Candidate-Handbook-2020 You are responsible for knowing all the information contained in it.
  2. Review the Test Content Outline (Test Blueprint) to familiarize yourself with the content areas that will be on the test. Pay attention to how each content area is weighted, as the weight corresponds with the percentage of scored items on that topic. Identify which areas are your strengths and weaknesses and focus your studies on your weaker areas.
  3. Use the VA-BC™ Certification Readiness Tool to rate your relative knowledge and experience as an indicator of how prepared you are for each section and where to invest of your study focus.
  4. Review Exam References that are used to create many of the items on the exam
  5. Take the Practice Questions to practice answering questions in a computer-based format and become familiar with the type of questions you can expect to find on the actual VA-BC™ exam.
  6. Review the Certification Toolkit 

Review Courses

VACC does not endorse or sponsor any review courses for the VA-BC exam. VACC is not responsible for misinformation provided by review courses or study materials, nor does it endorse any study guides.

When evaluating a potential course, remember the quality of the course may be related to the ability and expertise of the individuals who conduct it.

Be cautious about courses or resources that claim or imply direct knowledge of specific VACC examination content. VACC does not release test items, except for sample items published on the VACC website. Additionally, the subject matter experts who develop VACC tests are not permitted to conduct review courses while working on test development, or for two years after.