The Recertification Process

The purpose of requiring certification renewal is to provide a means for expanding knowledge and reinforcing skills through participation in professional development activities to ensure the VA-BC™’s continued competence relevant to vascular access. The requirements for recertification support VACCs commitment to enhance the continued competence of the individual and validate, through certification a specialized body of knowledge for professionals working in the field of vascular access. VACC has developed a three-year recertification cycle to ensure that the VA-BC™ professional is exposed to new developments, technological innovations and clinical advancements within the field of vascular access. Maintaining an active certification status through recertification is the way in which certified professionals demonstrate to the public that they have current and up-to-date knowledge and experience. These opportunities not only lead to enhanced knowledge for the certified vascular access professional but ultimately, to quality patient care.

Competence is the ability to perform a specific task, action or function successfully. Recertification does not measure competence. Rather, recertification demonstrates a candidate’s commitment to lifelong learning. Candidates for recertification should choose those professional development activities that provide them with the most benefit, keeping in mind that the length and rigor of a program contribute to its value. VACC expects that vascular access specialists engage in lifelong development to maintain and improve knowledge and skills for competent practice.