Practice Questions

The VACC Practice Questions is an online offering of 38 questions. Each question is consistent in style and format with the VA-BC™ exam and includes the correct answer, rationale, and the supporting reference. Questions are grouped in their corresponding domains of practice found in the Detailed Content Outline.

Practice Questions can help you:

  1. Practice answering questions in a computer-based format
  2. Become familiar with the type of questions you can expect to find on the actual VA-BC™ exam

This is not a study or review course.

Once you register and purchase the VACC Practice Questions you will be able to sign in and have unlimited access for 90 days.

NOTE: The system will NOT save your answers. As you proceed through the questions, it is important to evaluate each of them individually. You will NOT be able to go back and review your answers once you leave each question. Each time you log in you will be taken back to question #1.  There is only ONE set of 38 questions.

NOTE: Performance on the VACC Practice Questions may differ from actual performance on the Certification Examination. Thus, there is no guarantee that taking these practice questions will help you pass the Certification Examination.  These are not intended to be used as study material.

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