Exam Application

Due to COVID-19 challenges, please be aware of two very important updates:

  • Exam Applications Are Now Closed: As of Friday, May 22 at 12 PM ET, we are unable to accept any additional applications to test for the June VA-BC exam. High applicant volumes combined with limited testing capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions prohibit us from processing any more exam applications at this point.
  • Recertification by CE Extended 90 Days at Reduced Rate: We have, however, extended the June Recertification by CE window 90 days to Friday, September 4 and will keep the Early Registration reduced pricing in place. Our desire is to assist where financial hardships may exist and provide additional time for candidates overwhelmed by COVID-19 challenges to secure necessary funding and CEUs. Visit our Continuing Education Resources Page for additional CE resources. The VA-BC credential of those candidates whose Recertification is due to expire in June will remain intact through the extension.
We thank you for your patience during this COVID-19 season and will continue to work to keep you informed and support you in every possible way.