Test Committee

The VACC Test Committee is responsible for reviewing and editing examination questions and for making the final selection of items that comprise each test form.

The Test Committee review constitutes a final check and balance system on the reliability of the examination.

VACC would like to thank the 2015 Test Committee members who include:

Fran Concklin RN-BC, CRNI, VA-BC™
Andrea Owens BSN, RN, CRNI, VA-BC™
Shannen Walsh RRT, VA-BC™
Donna Matocha MSN, CNRN, RN, VA-BC™
Jay Haischer MHA, RT, VA-BC™
Kirk Tjalas PhD, RN, VA-BC™
Cindy Winfrey MSN, RN, CIC, VA-BC™
Keith Gilchrist RN, BSN, VA-BC™, CRNI, ONC
Jill Nolte BSN, CRNI,VA-BC
Marcia Wise, RN